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Option B ONLY: Machu Picchu Trip, $250 (Optional)
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Spiritual Information

Have you participated in a short term mission trip before?
What church do you currently attend?

Do you currently volunteer or serve in your church? In what ministry?

What do you think your spiritual gifts are?

Briefly describe how you came to know the Lord

This year, the mission trip is limited to 15-20 people. Please fill out your reason for wanting to join our mission trip carefully as we will be reviewing all applications and accepting participants per your answer to the next question.

Please explain why you want to participate in this mission trip.

Health Information

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For Option A: This application and $200 nonrefundable deposit are due by March 23rd. The remaining balance is due on June 15th.

For Option B, C, and D: This application and $350 nonrefundable deposit are due by April 20th. The remaining balance is due on June 29th.