My Mission Trip

01 April 2014
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Testimony of my Mission Travel 

 Carlos Ordaya

7First of all I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.

The mission travel was and still is a great blessing to my life.

It was my first mission travel that includes people from another country;

I was a bit shy at the beginning but as the hours passed I was setting the situation.

Before leaving my home and meet with the mission group I asked God to be filled by Him and open

my spiritual eyes to see the work He will be going to perform during these days.

God made me understand that there is no distance or time to do His work.

I saw a great example of you brothers who come from far away, even leaving your family,

leaving many things that you might have to do but chose to do the Lord’s work to

enlarge the kingdom of God and bringing blessings to our churches;

is a great blessing to see the efforts you all make; to me is a great example.

God is talking to me to carry out His word. I am always listening about others that are going to preach;

they will be traveling to evangelize or asking me when we preach?

Well, I think God wants something from me and I discovered that evangelism is my strength;

I feel very good to know it; I initially feared to preach but thanks to the Holy Spirit all fears went off;

I know that I have a great mission in my country and I think this mission will be fulfilled because

I am a soldier who obeys the voice of his captain.

The place impacted me the most on this trip, it was the district of Ventanilla in Callao,

This district reminds me my own district (San Juan de Lurigancho), the only difference is that Ventanilla has a sandy surface and

it is very difficult to build a small house.

This is a place that also requires a lot of spiritual and economic aid, but I think this new generation of children and young people,

will grow and change these locations with the gospel of Christ.

What I did in this missionary trip was:

To participate with the young missionary team, choreography, games, pray and help to mobilize the missionary equipment.

Thanks dear brothers for helping my country; many children really need God and it is very sad to see many children

who do not have clothes to wear; it is very painful to see that there are children who do not take their breakfast and

I think my God touched your hearts to bless my country; we always look forward to your arrival at our churches because

we know you have many news from God for our lives.

What a joy to see so many young people from out of my country who give their time to do missions;

I know that God will help them because they did His willingness to preach His word and give testimony of their lives,

I saw that. God was speaking to my life with these examples.

 There are times that our life is in danger for preaching his word but no matter; it is better to lose than to save it,

we know that in Christ to die is gain.

It was a joy to be with part of the mission team, they are very strong, cheerful and dedicated to God.

Thanks for giving me a time to present my testimony on the trip.

I love them, feel that they are part of my life; I really miss you all, greetings to Young Yoo Youl my sponsor;

I love you much friend, you are a blessing to my life; I will be praying for you and your families.

Thanks for everything and take care. 

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