A Day at the Children's Hospital

18 February 2014
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A Day at the Children's Hospital !

Jorge Mamani(Lima, Peru) 

Jorge Mamani - 2One of the sad realities that affect the people in Peru is the limited and lack of

proper medical care. Most government hospitals do not have sufficient budget to

meet all the basic and emergency medical need of patients. 

It's hard to help others when there is an economic crisis among poor families in

Peru. How can joy come when the heart is filled with  anxiety about tomorrow?

How can words of encouragement be spoken when there are so many needs

to cover with so few resources? 

“And he said, the things which are impossible with men are

possible with God”

(Luke 18:27)

When Jesus Christ comes into a person’s life, their thoughts and actions are directed by the divine Savior.

They will love Holiness, love to obey God and love their neighbors.

Our young Christians need to be trained and motivated to do the will of God.

The Abba Peru ministry has been, for many young Peruvian Christians, a powerful experience that had transformed their lives and

now bears much fruit.

This is the case of Jorge Mamani Guerra. He shares with us his experience at the Children’s Hospital, where he volunteered last year.

“My name is Jorge Mamani Guerra and I am 19 years old, by the grace of God, I attended ABBA Peru in 2010,

where an army of 5,000 young warriors were reunited for His glory.

“I heard the voice of God calling me to work for Him and a supernatural fire purified my being.”

When I heard that 2013 was the last year of ABBA Peru event, I decided to volunteer for ABBA.

There I met Jean Pierre, a brother in Christ who had the same desire as I did to serve God, and he created a Facebook page,

as a way to bring together young people who had participated in previous events ABBA Peru.

God poured out His love in each of us, and we brought this love and joy to every child in the Hospital.

Jorge Mamani - Cover

Then we decided to visit the Children Hospital, which was a wonderful experience for us.

I must confess, it was very hard for me to see the difficult situations that the children were going through, but God strengthened us to

convey joy, love and great faith, through His Holy Word and Praises.

The Lord showed us that we are the light of the world, God is good.

After completing our program, many children asked us to come back to visit them again and that was very motivating for all of us.

We are preparing a video that contains the program that we made in the Children's Hospital, to encourage other young people to serve God

with the talents He gave us.I'm sure that many would wish to do the same.

Our youth group "Conquering the world for Christ" is the result of what the ministry ABBA did in the hearts of young

Christians in Peru. Currently, each of us serve in our local churches but we want to work together to meet again on the next project that

God entrusts to us. This is the experience I wanted to share with you that God loves us and that He is good all the time.

Because of the “ABBA PERU 2010-13” many young people like me in Peru were awakened, to have passion for His work.”


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