Story of Samuel Frank

06 May 2013
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Story of Samuel Frank



O God, thank you very much for my birth into this family, and it is a great blessing and privilege for me to serve God with my father

in this area.”

That is the confession by Samuel Frank who is 19 years old and is living in the mountainous region of Huancayo, Peru.

He was born as the second son of 3 brothers in this family, whose mom and dad work as part time pastors and hotel janitors.

They do not own a house or a rental property for their family because they are too poor to afford any living facilities.

All 5 members of this family stay in a small room of the hotel provided by the hotel. The family is able to stay in this room because Samuel’s dad and

older brother work as janitors during the night. The two men work very hard every night but the wage they receive is only about 900.00 sole per

month ($ 400.00/ month ).

Isaiah, 2 years older than Samuel, gave up college to support his younger brother, Samuel, achieve his dream.

Samuel is very happy to have a supportive family including his older brother, but he does not feel comfortable whenever he thinks of dad and brother

who are working so hard for him.

Palabra Viva ( Living Word ) is also far away from their home, which causes some problems for his dad to work as a pastor in that church.

Samuelworks happily in the church as a Sunday School teacher to help his dad.

Currently Samuel is a freshman of the University of Andes studying accounting.

While he was suffering from a burdened heart, he met HHK World Mission Center through God’s blessing. For him to finish college in 5 years in

Peru (4 years in USA) is indeed a daunting task!

He, feeling happy and blessed to be born in Christian family is waiting for sponsors to help his college study and future work for our Lord.

We see a bright future of Peru with this young man preaching the Gospel. We know that God stands behind Samuel with a big smile.




Is there any sponsor(s) who is willing to help this young man

to achieve the dream of becoming God’s man

through the “Riverside Tree” program?

Thank you,






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