First Fruit - Story of Jorge

28 February 2013
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First fruit offering


         Jorge’s Story!


Ever since he was a little boy, Jorge dug through trash every night with his mother to find a living for his family of 3.jorge1

Jorge never had the chance to play like his age group kids orbeg his mom for a

new toy because he knew it was his job to look after the family after his father

had left them.

When Jorge was sponsored at Hanhee Kim World Mission Center 10 years ago,

Jorge was introduced as ‘trash collecting Jorge- a child of Jesus’, which he is

still called by today.

Jorge and his family were forced to live out in the street when their house was

taken away.  Things had gone wrongafter his father had co-signed a contract for

someone.  Even though their family had nowhere to go,he believed God was

there to protect and to look after his family.

Jorge thanked God for giving him the health so that he is able to collect rags

and waste paper to earn  $1.25, providing few pieces of bread for his family. 

Through his testimony, we can see how pure and faithful his heart is for God. 

That same ‘trash collecting Jorge’, is now getting ready for college.

After being sponsored through [Children of Jesus], he maintained outstanding

grades in school and grew intoan influential youth leader at his church with such

a yearning heart for God.

He is so thankful for the love and grace that God has shown him, he now wants to attend a seminary so that he can

continually testify the love of God to others. 

Jorge wants to reach out to those who are oppressed with poverty, diseases, and to the wandering youth in the streets

to share his own story to let them know how much God loves them too. 

It has been 16 years since Hanhee Kim World Mission Center has started its ministry of sharing the gospel to the less

fortunate in Peru.

And we thank God as we ready ourselves to witness the harvest of the very first fruit among the many seed that has

been sown in the land of Peru.

We wait and pray for a sponsor who can support Jorge to complete his study in the seminary.

Please consider supporting Jorge with your love and prayer so that he may have more to testify and for his heart to

overflow with thankfulness.




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