He has plans for Me…..

13 March 2012
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He has plans for Me…..




                                                     Juslyn Edis Dionicio



I don’t have any memory of my father because he left my family when I was only 3 years old.

Without having my father at home, it was apparent to me that I would have to give up on going to college. In reality, I was living with uncertainty

about whether I could even finish high school.

I thought if I worked after graduating from high school, I could save up some money and a few years later I may be able to go to college.

However, seeing how hard my mother had to work to earn a living, I knew that my dream would likely not come true.

One day, I heard that COJ would be selecting a high school student for their sponsorship program and I began to pray to God with thanksgiving.

I immediately felt that this was God's provision and His will for me. I submitted the application right away. I was selected and now I am studying at

a college and majoring in Computer Science.

My mother never imagined that her daughter would be able to pursue higher education,  but as it became a reality, she gave much thanks to


It was not as easy to study as I expected, but by the help of the Holy Spirit and through much  prayer, I am doing well. It was through these prayers

that I began to understand that it is God’s will that I walk this road. I know that He has a great plan for me.

I want to thank COJ and my sponsor for providing not only my tuition and transportation fees, but enough money for my expenses for the text

books as well.

I would like to express that the on-going training has strengthened my character, spirituality, and leadership. The assistance from COJ Peru

office has been a big help for me. I will do my best to become a humble leader; one who does not just gain mental knowledge, but one who

fervently pursues Godly wisdom.

I cannot express in words about how the River Tree Project has influenced my life. Because of what God has done for me, my mother and my

sister became believers in Christ.

One of the most exciting things that God has done through this process is that He has poured his grace out on my family in a way we never

dreamed he would! In spite of the fact that my Father had never even heard about my story, the Holy Spirit led him back to our family and now we

are serving our Lord together. Hallelujah!

I give all the thanks and glory to God for the love He has shown to me and my family. He is raising me up to become the person that He created

me to be. He is truly my wonderful Father.

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