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22 February 2012
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Hanhee Kim World Mission Center has recently announced 6 new students who will be receiving scholarships through [Riverside Tree] ministry. All 6 youth come from family who cannot support them to college, yet have shown excellent academic record and some of them are waiting to enroll in seminary.

After thorough examination of their document and interviews, these 6 youth will receive full scholarship for their college education.

Through these gifted 6 students, we pray that God’s word will take root inside their hearts, and thus take part in changing the future of Peru.


1. Paul Luperdi



Paul is the eldest son who comes from family of 5 children who has been sponsored through [Children of Jesus] ministry. His mother has passed away long ago, and through the help of [Eagle’s Nest] ministry, these 5 children have a home. In thankfulness to God’s grace, he decided to apply for the seminary as soon as he graduated, and has been selected by the [Riverside Tree] ministry to receive full scholarship. Please pray for Paul as he begins his study at the seminary, and as he assists his pastor with youth ministry at church.



2. Jorge Mamani



Jorge is a student who has been sponsored by [Children of Jesus] since 2005.

Not only is he an honor student at school, but he is known to have such zeal for evangelism at church. Jorge’s father is not around, therefore he had no choice of going into college but through [Riverside Tree] who has given him another chance for education, he feels that God is helping him once again. Jorge grew up collecting recyclable trash with his mother, but now he has the opportunity to go into seminary. He also hopes in his heart that if God willing, he can also study architecture so that in the near future he can build a house of God in dedication.



3. Wendy Sernaque



Wendy is another faithful student who has been sponsored through [Children of Jesus]. Besides volunteering for Sunday school teacher, she is the first one to devote herself for any work that needs to be done at church. Currently she has completed 3 semesters in a 3 year college but due to the fact that she could not come up with the tuition, she decided to turn in her leave of absence. However, Wendy also has been chosen to receive scholarship through [Riverside Tree] and now is able to continue her education in accounting. We look forward to witnessing God’s presence through Wendy.



4. Josue Correa



Josua’s father is the pastor of ‘Christo Viene’ church whom HHK World Mission Center had the chance to meet during [Abba Peru 2010] conference. Despite the difficult situation, Josua faithfully assists his father who has been dedicating his life for the sake of the gospel. Alongside with his father, he helps out with the church, and continues to grow into a leader who influences the lives of the youth. Josua’s prayer was answered when he was selected to receive scholarship through [Riverside Tree] ministry when he thought there is just no way could he go to college due to their family’s financial hardship.

Josua wants to major in industrial engineering, and we pray that one day he will become an engineer who will lead his country.





5. Alex Pasapera



2012 is a year of miracle for Alex. Being a single mother, his mother had left him and his sisters and brothers to find a job afar to make a living. Although he had graduated high school with an honor, it was not an option for him to go to college when he had the responsibility of finding food and clothing for his siblings. But as soon as this news of Alex has been published in the Hanhee Kim world Mission Center’s newsletter, a touched reader wanted to sponsor Alex’s family and provide their need. In addition, it opened up the way so that he can get an education. Passionate about witnessing the living Lord, Alex has decided to enroll into seminary starting this March. Can you imagine the happy face of Alex, and our Lord smiling down upon him from heaven?




6. Kely Palma


Kelly has never met her father. Her mother worked hard labor jobs and washed clothes for others to make a family living on behalf of her father.

Her mother did not mind working at construction sites carrying heavy stones all day until her body became too weak. Although she is ill, she does not have enough money to visit the doctor, therefore, going into college was out of the question for Kelly even though she had graduated as an honor student in high school. However, the news of being chosen for [Riverside Tree] scholarship had brought her so much happiness and lots of tear down her face.

Through God’s plan and guidance, Kelly has been given another chance and hope to see the bigger side of the world. Please pray with us that this hope will continue through her studies in computer in college.


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