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18 February 2012
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God! Please help me!  

Kely Palma


I was 13 years-old when I attended [Peru to Christ] crusade in Lima in 2005.

I did not know nor cared to know the plans that God had for me at the time.

I remember the most about singing the songs ‘Open my eyes’ and ‘Change my sorrow’ at the crusade without knowing what the songs had really meant. But I realize now that God had already planned for me to be singing those songs and be where I am today.

My name is Kely Palma

Since 2005 up to 2010 ‘Abba Peru’ conference, many things had happened in my life.

My father had been making money from doing ilegal things and became involved in so many ways that he had left home without telling us whereabouts. Around the same time, I also had to leave my boyfriend who was leading me the wrong way.

Ever since my father had left, it was my mother’s share to work for our family living. Mother was distressed and her depression worsened over time.

I began to pray for my mother’s slavation , because I knew that nothing would confort her soul more than the grace of our Lord.

At the time of [Abba Peru 2010] conference, I praised with friends around me and sincerely prayed for the fire of Holy Spirit among God’s presence.

Through [Abba Peru 2010], I had learn to truly repent, and the Holy Spirit had touched my heart.

I want to thank you COJ ministry from the bottom of my heart.

I am able to stay strong with my faith because God had shown me His great compassion, mercy and peace through your ministry.

God has changed my mother’s heart too.

Mother is no longer hopeless and depressed. She is not wallowing in misery anymore, but rather wants to live her life to the fullest to show how thankful she is for God’s love. She even volunteered to work in the kitchen preparing food for the children in Sunday school.

I am 19 years-old now. I am about to graduate High school and waiting to go to college. I volunteer as a Sunday school teacher. I feel that working for God is the true joy of life and something to feel really proud about.

I thank God for blessing me, and allowing me participate in His work as a teacher to plant the seed of the gospel to the children and to witness their growth in faith. I also thank God for you COJ who made this possible.

I pray for God’s continuous blessing on your COJ ministry.



Hello Pastor James,

I decided to write you a letter because I have an emergency prayer request.

My mother has been ill for some time and now she needs to undergo a surgery.

According to the doctor, there is a problem with her bladder.

And one more thing, I have graduated high school at top of my class. However, due to our family income, it is not easy for me to enter college. Therefore I would like to apply for [Riverside Tree] program sponsored by COJ.

My mother has been supporting me in place of my father, but if she becomes unable to work due to her sickness, I will not be able to continue in my education.

I believe God will hear and answer to my prayer. And I knock on your door for your help COJ.

God has placed me and kept me, so I know He will come through once again.

I know He will lead to the best way possible.

Thank you pastor!

Sincerely, Kely Palma




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