The Day until Going to Heaven

06 May 2013
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“The Day until Going to Heaven”


Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez1If I translate the name of the small church near the ocean side of Lima, "Camino El Ciello", it

will be, "A Small Church Going to Heaven,” a way to go to Heaven after earthly difficulties

and obstacles.

Today I am introducing a pastor to you named Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanches, who is devoting

his life for the people of his country to give them the Hope of Eternal Life.

About 20 years ago, Pastor Jose Jim met and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior,

and he started to preach the Gospel to his people in many areas.

He finally opened his own home for the church for this purpose.

Renovating his own home, he is not able to use one of the rooms as a church, 

teach 30 children with the help of two teachers, and preach to 30 adult members.

"As I look back on my life, it was entirely God's Grace that came to me and saved me."

He said he did not deserve this grace but he strongly believes that God gave him everything he had without

asking for anything in return.

He has the conviction of preaching the Gospel and has the calling of God to guide his people to having

the Eternal Hope of going to Heaven.

As Pastor Jose Jim confesses, Christians cannot go to heaven simply by having a good life without

behaving badly, but we must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

This belief is his main focus, which he preaches to his people.

Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez2      Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez3     

Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez3     Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez4 

Jose Jim Marcalupu Sanchez6


Dear sponsors,

we are sincerely waiting for somebody who can help this man

to make his dreams come true and send all his people to Heaven!

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