The Lord saved me from the deep Valley of Death

06 May 2013
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The Lord saved me from the deep Valley of Death”                           


My name is Denny Frank Estela Norasco. I am 42 years old.

I'm currently serving as a senior pastor in "Palabra Viv a(Living Word) Church" in the mountainous area of Huancayo in Peru.

Even though I'm now working as a pastor after being saved and anointed by the grace of God, my past is a shameful life.

When I was 15 years old, I got addicted to alcohol and drugs, and I spent my young adult life aimlessly without any purpose.

Even after I got married to my current wife, Isidora Nazaria, and had 3 sons, my life did not change.

I didn't have a regular job and the money I made as a daily job was not used for the family, but to buy alcohol and drugs.

One day I was arrested by the police due to a friend’s false accusation, and sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment.

At the age of 30, hearing the prospect of gaining my freedom at 60, was a devastating occurrence.

This was the time my Lord and Savior came to me and gave me another opportunity to start my life.

He forgave me and saved me from my past sins.

He also freed me from the prison. It was entirely His grace for this happening!

Indeed I was able to start my life again, Hallelujah!

After this event, my family and I committed to spending our lives entirely for the Lord.

To pay for His Grace and Mercy, I've decided to sacrifice myself and devote my whole life for those who have similar lives like me.

With the help of neighbors, I started a small church which has about 50 children for Sunday School and 30 adults for Sunday service.

As the church has the name of "Living Word", I am trying to preach the living and moving words of our Lord to those who do not know Him.  

Most members of the church are living at the level of the poverty and they cannot help provide compensation for the senior pastor.

Sometimes I feel that I need to support church expenses with my own money.

I work in a hotel as a janitor, making $400.00 per month, which lets my family stay in one of the hotel rooms.




Dear sponsors,

Is there anyone who will help this man

who is trying very hard to preach God's word for His people?

He is sincerely waiting for somebody who can help for this cause!

Raven of Love











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