Raven of Love Thank you letter

13 March 2012
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The thank you letters from the pastors, who are being supported through the Raven of Love ministry,

are true and honest expression of their hearts desire to serve our God faithfully and truthfully.




God who feeds me…



Pastor David Baquerizo

Our union with COJ is a blessing for me.

Our church begun with just three children and they were passage for me to get closer to our God.

Raven of Love, that was Father’s grace and gift. It was the answer to my prayers and my hope.

I am no longer a pastor, who stands alone.

I am strengthened by the love our God has shown me through you, my sponsor. I am so encouraged, beyond a descriptive word.



Pastor Maria Luz

I have never received any support from any one before the Raven of Love. Because of the support, now I could concentrate on my forgoing study

in family counseling. Also, I was able to treat my sickness and now I am completely healthy.

My personality changed drastically and I am very optimistic person now.

I am constantly in His presence and I have greater zeal to teach the children with the word of God so they will grow up to be His obedient children.

Raven of Love… it was the touch of my God to renew and strengthen my life.


Pastor Inocencio Aguirre

Your support for me through the COJ ministry has brought such a change in my life. I was very self centered and uncaring person.

Even though I was a pastor, I had no love for the orphans and poor children. But now, I can’t live without those needy children.

They are mine for they are our Father’s. I believe and trust that our Father will help me to finish this new race I have begun in His love, bringing

the poor children to Christ. How amazing is our Father’s love… even sending a Raven for this wretched person!


Pastor Patricio Granda

Because of your support through the Raven of Love, my life is completely changed.

Not like before, I have strength and hope and I could overcome my problems and troubles with the living word of God. I am so grateful that I have

such a wonderful sponsor and I know it is only by His grace for me. Please accept my sincere thanks for your kindness and love.










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