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24 February 2012
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“Put us on fire of Holy Spirit!”

 Abba Peru 2012- Conference for pastors


A conference will be held from March 20~26 in 4 different locations in Peru for the pastors who serve in poor regions of Peru. 

To continue what God has started in [Abba Peru], Abba Peru 2012 Pastor Conference will be held with the title; “Lift up your army O Lord”. We pray that all pastors who attend the conference will be filled with the Holy Spirit and gain new strength in the Lord that they may remain faithful and dedicated to their churches.

 As an interdenominational gathering, a total of 720 pastors, pastors’ wives, and church youth leaders will be attending this conference.

5 years ago, our Lord has called and started to use Hanhee Kim World Mission Center to serve these Peruvian pastors so that they can stand upright in their faith. He informed us that through these pastors the Peruvian youth will grow and be equipped with the gospel as an army of God at this end time.

Because many of these pastors come from poor areas, their accommodation and transportation will be provided so that they do not feel financially burdened. Please pray with us that through this conference, the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence will touch everyone’s heart and that God alone will receive all the glory.


Lima:               March 20th  362 participants

Junin:               March 22nd 145 participants

Arequipa:         March 24th    70 participants

Cusco:             March 26th 142 participants

(Conference dates have changed to May 2 - May 9) Please, continue pray for them.


It is our hope to witness the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

take control over Peru! Amen!




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