House for Teen Moms

18 February 2012
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At Casajo orphanage in Arequipa, an organization long sponsored by Hanhee Kim World Mission Center, the director and pastor Jose has a new prayer request.

That is, to build a separate building for teenage unwedded mothers to live in. A two story building construction had been stopped due to lack of fund.

There are exceptionally many children abandoned by their parents in Peru.

Divorced parents, separation, and severe household income are the causes of parents abandoning their children in the orphanage. And among these children, number of unwedded teenage mothers is increasing quickly.

Most of these girls are sexually abused and kicked out of their house into the streets by their parents when they discover that their daughters are pregnant.

More of these girls began to gather at the Casajo orphanage and despite the financial difficulty, pastor Jose began building a separate dwelling facility for the single teen mothers. As of today, this facility is about 40% complete. Without a bathroom or a kitchen, these girls only have a small room to sleep because they are unable to finish the construction.

The funding that the orphanage receives through the sponsorship is barely enough to take care of the orphans. At the average of age 13, these girls are at the age of hardly realizing that there is another life growing inside their body.

Not being able to turn his back on these abandoned girls, and in hope of finishing this building, pastor Jose continues to get small portions of construction supplies each day with the donations sent by sponsors like you.

With your heart and love, your donation is sowed as God’s seed in the land of Peru today!



With your heart and love, your donation is sowed as God’s seed in the land of Peru today!


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