Blown down worship place

18 February 2012
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A church that was swept away by the wind



Driving 2 more hours deep into the Andes of Peru and into the Shankivironi jungle, there sits a little church in Pumpuriani village where COJ started its ministry of sponsoring 50 children in 2007.

There, a small structure made of straws and bamboo can be found. They call this small structure their House of God and you can hear Children singing and praising echoing down the jungle every Sunday.

At pumpuriani church, there is not appointed Pater at this time, and Pastor Miguel Trigo of Shankivironi church goes to see the children whenever he has time to teach them the word of God. When pastor Miguel is unable to do, the church leader does for the Sunday school children. About a month ago, however, unfortunate thing had happened to this small church of God.

During the hot summer days in Peru, especially during the rainy season, heavy rain falls all day long.

It was another day with heavy rain fall in the jungle when the church had been swept away in a flash with the rain and strong wind which had left nothing in place.

Thankfully, it was not a Sunday and there were no casualties. Pastor Miguel busily went to visit and encourage the discouraged villagers and began to fervently ask for God’s help.  

He began to pray for a new church so that the 50 children who eagerly wait for Sunday worship will have a place of praise once again. Little by little the parents of these children began to open their hearts, and now all the villagers anticipate on worshiping the Lord together in a new House of God.

With your love for this villagers, Peruvian amount of 16,830 sol ($6,000 dollars), will give them a new safe place of worship.


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The Sunday School Children gathering at ground

where used locate their church…


 When you choose to give 2 bread and 5 fish,

God will make a miracle! Yes!


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