Thanking God

22 February 2012
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We give thanks to the Lord!


Alex first visited Medino Mundo church through his friend and became sponsored through [Children of Jesus] ministry.

Alex has never seen or met his father, and has 3 younger step-brothers and sisters.

He became a high school senior last year. Every day after school, Alex cleans, does the laundry and cooks in order to help out his mother who makes a living for his family.   During the weekends, he goes out to the streets to find work and when he is lucky, he brings home about 15 soles. With this money, Alex buys handful of rice and 4 eggs.

But more days are spent with empty stomach for this family because they do not have a regular income.

Life became even more overwhelming for Alex when his mother had left them to find a job in the city.

Although he’s graduating with honor in his class, Alex doesn’t dare to think about going into college. He’s biggest priority is to look out for his younger brothers and sisters.

After Alex’s story was published in the Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s newsletter, an individual had signed up to sponsor Alex right away.

The story of Alex sacrificing himself for his younger step-siblings without his parents truly touched the hearts of our readers wanting to provide everyday necessities for our humble Alex.

Surely it must have been the greatest news for Alex in his hopeless and desperate situation!

We believe that God’s love and mercy has touched the heart of our reader to become a sponsor for Alex and we pray that through that love of our sponsor, God’s immeasurable love will spread in the land of Peru.

And until that day, Hanhee Kim World Mission Center will continue our walk by faith and love.

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