Piura Report

04 May 2017
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Below is a detailed report from Pastor Genier who has been hard at work in Piura helping churches to tend to local communities and distribute food, medicine, mosquito nets and bottled water. In just one week, over numerous members of the community have come to accept Christ in their hearts. Through distribution to the local communities, many families were eager to hear about the peace of God that they could obtain just by opening up their hearts! Pastor Genier is now working on assembling a team to disciple these new believers and to help to evangelize to others. Here are key notes from Pastor Genier’s report concerning five churches in Piura:

  • 80 new members that received Christ as their Savior and they have stated to regularly attend Church services
  • Food baskets handed out the community helped over 230 families with children
  • Church attendance have increased dramatically as churches report attendance in the 100s, some report some former members have returned back to the church
  • Churches are establishing evangelize teams that go out and help community members to come to accept Christ through movie projections, street visitations, outdoor services,
  • Prayer groups are returning to churches as they gather together to pray for many more to return back to the path of God
  • Congregation members are volunteering to help cook, prepare and assist in operating the soup kitchens

There is still plenty of work to be done in Piura and we need your prayers for this region as everyone involved continues to work diligently to expand God’s Kingdom. 

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