Walking in God’s Kingdom

27 April 2017
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Walking in God's Kingdom

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10:15

18110176 10155276107749521 1224951038 oThe children of Piedras Vivas (Living Stones) church in Iquitos walked into service Sunday morning ready to hear the message God had designed for that day. As they sat eagerly listening and bare feet firmly planted on the ground, they heard their pastor speak about Peter who was transformed by the Holy Spirit and became bold in his proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ. They too wanted to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. They were discouraged, however, they wanted to go out and spread the good news to the world, and they looked down at the floor. Their bare feet were covered in cuts, calluses and crusted with dried mud. They would not be able get far to share the gospel if they could not walk anywhere.

Their faces drooped with sadness and doubt. But just then, Pastor Canazas told the children to lift up their heads and look to God with hope. “God will and always will provide! He has done so before and he will always do so! All you need to do is ask!” The inspirational speech lifts up their spirits and they pray for God’s provision.

On April 21, 2017, Pastor Canazas is taking a motorboat to the churches in the outskirts of Iquitos. He carries with him a large black bag with a note attached that reads “29 pairs, To: Rolando Canazas Perez.” When he gets off the boat, the children run towards him and ask about what is in the bag. As Pastor Canazas opens the bag, the children yell out in exclamation and cheers as they pull out a new pair of shoes for everyone.  With tears streaming from their faces, they are grateful that God has answered their prayers. But it was not just that small church that celebrated, children in churches all across Iquitos celebrated as they received new pairs of shoes.

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God equips those who want to share the gospel of God and who are willing ask for it. Let us all celebrate in God’s everlasting greatness and holiness.

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