Disaster In Piura

19 April 2017
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Disaster in Piura

The end of April marks the official end of the rainy season in Piura, Peru. Roads are starting to dry up and water levels are dropping to acceptable levels. But the storm has not yet passed. A staff member of COJ International left Monday for Piura and sent back a startling report:

received 1296660243785668Within the last few weeks, Piura reported over 28 thousand cases of stomach sickness and diarrhea. This is the region’s greatest problem they face as their sewer system has collapsed and clean water is sparse. Trash has accumulated in the streets and combined with the hot weather, expects anticipate waves of disease victims to soon arise. The situation is dire. Even refugee camps that were set up to help the citizens are lacking clean bathrooms which further contributes to the spread of disease. 

received 1296681530450206-01Local pastors are scheduled to meet Wednesday (April 19, 2017) to meet with our staff to discuss what the greatest needs are for their devastated communities and churches. Through the partnership with the 58 Partners Foundation and Charley’s Philly Steaks, COJ International will help bring clean water to the thirsty, food to the famished, bring medical aid to the injured, and coordinate with local churches to rebuild vital walls and roofs. 

This effort will require help on a grand scale. Your prayers and financial support are needed! If you want to help financially help to buy food, water and medical supplies or if you want to join in this year’s STMT team to help rebuild Piura, you can apply here. The needs are great, but our God, who is the Lord of all things, is greater! 




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