Mission to Piura

14 April 2017
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Mission to Piura

It would appear that the rains are subsiding and the waters are withdrawing in the land of Piura. However, the problems are growing at an alarming rate. Locals now need fight against time as they rush to clear out their homes of debris and furniture before mold sets in. One of our staff members visited Piura during the weekend and found the streets lines with mountains of trash, mattresses, and couches. Homes are almost completely empty as locals leave all their belongings out to dry in the sun. Main roads are hardly drivable but neighborhood roads are virtually impossible to drive on. Help is on the way, but not fast enough. Since the end of March, 25 tons of supplies have been delivered to the region, which was only enough to last a few days. Markets are soon out of food and clean water. Piura needs help.

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In partnership with the 58 Partners foundation, Child of Jesus International will be distributing water, meals, nonperishable foods, and medical supplies through churches across Piura. A representative will be traveling to Piura next week to help facilitate the distribution and help coordinate with local pastors to determine the locations where the 2017 STMT teams will help to rebuild walls and roofs. 

Seven churches located throughout Piura will receive help within the next coming weeks. Below is a list of the seven churches that are in need of your prayers.

1.Dios es Amor in Calacaos

2.Nueva Vive in Calacaos

3.Catedral de Vida in Chiclayito

4.Leon de Juda in the outskirts of Piura

5.Nueva Vida in Sullana

6.Cristo es la Respuesta in Paita

7.Dios es mi Libertador in the outskirts of Piura

If you want to help financially help to buy food, water and medical supplies or if you want to join in this year’s STMT team to help rebuild Piura, you can apply here.




We would also want to thank the generosity of M-Mart in Aurora, CO as they were the first to donate Choco-Pie snacks to hand out to children in Piura!

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