Disaster In Peru- Need Help!

Disaster in Peru- Need Help!

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At least 72 people have died and over 70,000 have become homeless as Peru has been receiving almost ten times more rain than usual. The floods- the worst in almost 45 years- have hit more than 800 towns and cities have declared a state of emergency. The sudden and abnormal warming of the Pacific waters off Peru have unleased the deadliest rainfall in decades, with landslides and raging rivers sweeping people away, clogging highways, and destroying crops.

Left: Flooded streets in Lima, relief teams hoist civilians to safety

Bridges have collapsed as rivers have breached their banks, and livestock have turned up on beaches after being carried away by rivers. In Lima, the capital, classes have been suspended and running water has been restricted after treatment systems were clogged. There is also growing concern for various diseases to develop throughout the country. The rain may be waning but the repairs and restorations have just started.

17309089 1690300590985063 4679026611117613073 nHanhee Kim World Mission Center is in contact with the COJ Peru staff, pastors, and the children’s families to ask for prayer requests and petition for needs. The cries for help is growing fast. Some children’s possessions have been washed away while others have had their homes flooded beyond repair.

Right: Heavy rains leave seminary building unusable and crumbling

We ask for your prayers for God’s protection and provision for all of Peru, this is the worst rainfall since 1998 that killed 374 people, and the rain may be poised to return well before it goes away. But also let this be a moment for the Gospel of Jesus to be shared to Peru; even though storms and floods may occur, that they may have assurance of salvation and peace in their hearts! If you want to help rebuild the city of Peru and contribute to the cause, consider donating below to fund relief efforts.



 UPDATE MARCH 22, 2017 

All elementary to high school classes have been suspended from March 16 to March 27 due to the state of emergency. However, in the region of Piura, northern portion of Peru, officals are concerned as the night of March 21 civilians suffered ten hours of heavy rainfaill and lightening. The map below shows the areas of Peru that are expected to continue receiving rainfall.





 UPDATE MARCH 23, 2017 

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The city of Lima has just declared they only would only five days of clean water if the water system collapses, which may be immenent. Markets have run out of bottled water and local officials may have to resort to distributing potentially tainted tap water to alleviate the demand. Two families connected to the COJ ministry have been hospitalized along with many others. HHK WMC will update this page as we receive more info.




 UPDATE MARCH 29, 2017 

 With rainfall continuing across all of Peru, other regions are preparing for the worst.


Roads and houses in the lower parts of Lima have been overwhelmed by flooding and overflow of water onto neighborhood roads. Cars have been swept away and motorcoaches and bikes have been completely submerged. Locals are trying their best to prevent more overflow but with rains continuing, additonal countermeasures need to be taken.

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Days after the night where civilians experienced 10 hours of rain and thunderstorms, water has now breached the major cities of Piura. Streets are now flooded with over a foot of water certain areas.



Iquitos has not yet experienced any difficulty with the increased rainfall due to its location on the hills next to the Amazon River.While the geography of Iquitos may be temporarily preventing the flooding, the river water level has risen to unforeseen levels. The water is now city-side and could flood the city if the rains continue. 





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