Riverside Tree



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For he shall be a tree planted by the waters,

which spreads out its roots by the river."

-Jeremiah 17:8



[Riverside Tree] is a ministry that assists with scholarships to [Children of Jesus] high school graduates who are

graduating in the top of his or her class, especially for those applying for seminary.

This ministry allows these children to reach their full potential in getting ready to become a servant of God.

This ministry started with giving scholarships to 6 graduates in 2009.


Today, high school enrollment rate continues to go down in Peru.

Poverty and the ignorance of parents affect the lives of these children.Even with a high school diploma, most of these

children will not be able to escape from poverty and working long hours with very low wages.


Growing up as [Child of Jesus] and continuing into college with the help of [Riverside Tree], these children have hopes and

dreams to change the future of their country as Christian leaders.


Many of these young and talented children’s’ dreams are taken away and replaced with an inescapable cycle of poverty.

 Won’t you join the [Riverside Tree] ministry to give back these children their hopes and dreams, and take part in

evangelizing the nation of Peru?


With your help, the young children of Peru will set the fire of God in their country. To find the list of current students in need, click here.


 You can give the gift of hope and an education to a child in need. 


If you want to sponsor a future leader, please click on a button below. Thank you!





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