Miracle webpage


Truly, a work done by our Lord! 



We give all the glory and praise to our God for using Hanhee Kim World Mission Center to proclaim the gospel.

Our Lord is truly profound and remarkable. Nothing is impossible with our God. Our webpage that you are browsing at this minute is another example of God’s miracle.

Hanhee Kim World Mission Center is small in scale. However, God still uses us the way we are to do great works for Him. In 2005, He helped us to lead [50,000 needy children to Christ] crusade and introduce Jesus into these Peruvian children’s heart. In 2010, God also helped us organize [Abba Peru 2010] seminar for 5,000 youth in Peru so that they may be trained to become army of Christ.

At Hanhee Kim World Mission Center, we pray and minister to ensure that every dollar given by our contributors are entirely used to give glory to our Lord. In hope of doing so, our staff members have been working in our non-air conditioned office even during the 100 degree heat scorching summer days in the past 10 years.

Most of our works are carried out by volunteers. From file organization to letter translation, making information brochure and mailings are all completed by volunteers who commit their time all because they love Jesus so much. Likewise, this webpage you are browsing is the work of our volunteers.

Although we had many skilled volunteers who managed our webpage in the past, this work has been put off to the side for few years now and we have been constantly praying for more volunteers in this area.

Of course there is a way of entrusting the work to the professional web designer; however, our focus remains on spending all contributions purely on the needy children. So we began to pray with a prayer: “Lord, you know our circumstances. Please send us the workers who can volunteer with our webpage.”

God came through once again this time. He stirred up one of the deacon brother’s heart who attends our sister church to step up to this job. Surprisingly however, webpage designing and maintenance was not the area of expertise or familiar work to this brother. He simply began to read and study persistently on the making of a webpage. And out of all the volunteers, he had the two helpers of those who knew the least about the computers.

Before long, we overheard an excited conversation among these volunteers; “Oh wow! Look, the pictures are posted!” They were overjoyed. Just then another asks, “How did you do that? Umm.. I don’t know.. I don’t remember what I pressed..” “Well, Hallelujah! God is helping us indeed! Hahaha!” And little by little, that is how God has helped us complete our webpage.

Although our webpage may not be at the most proficient stage, we pray that you will still look at it and give praise to our amazing Father. We give all the glory to our Lord for showing us His miracle through the willing and serving hearts of our volunteers in the midst of the impossible situation. We give round of applause to these volunteers for their effort and zeal in doing God’s work. Hallelujah!  






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