Let them smile


Will you place our coin-box at your business? 


Following the latest presentation from last October, Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s coin-box team recently held another promotional

presentation at the Max Mall parking lot on Colfax Street. 

Coin-box team is another ministry operated by Hanhee Kim World Mission Center which is managed by our volunteers.  

Coin-boxes are placed in business counters and collects changes such as pennies and dimes that customers leave behind which are then

donated to Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s [Children of Jesus] ministry. 

Through the recent presentation, the 10 people who make up this coin box team intend on extending the number of businesses that they can

place coin boxes in. Not only will this help collect more donations, but also introduce Hanhee Kim World Mission Center and [Children of Jesus]

at the same time. 

Last year, entire contributions made from the coin-box ministry were sent to the needy children in Peru, thus taking a big part in God’s work of

expanding His kingdom. 

Small changes that are collected through these coin boxes are bringing smiles and impacting the lives of the unfortunate children in Peru.

 “Let Them Smile!”

 Please participate by placing this coin-box at your business.






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