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“Phoebe Bazaar Team” is one of Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s volunteering team that is made up of members from the Korean Baptist Church of Denver.

With the exception of a few seniors, people who make up this team are not expert cooks and have jobs of their own. Therefore, it is always a challenge to make time to volunteer together as a team.

In the midst of such a difficult situation, however, this team manages to volunteer a few times a year to complete catering orders even if it means gathering at dawn. Their first ‘bazaar’ of the year starts with their famous ‘Beef Jerky’.

Beef jerky made from the Phoebe Bazaar team is now recognized by many, and its popularity has even reached to those who live in Seoul. Perfectly seasoned and slightly hot in taste, fans of this beef jerky are constantly waiting for more and it has become their best selling and frequently sold item.

Although they may not make much revenue due to price increase on the ingredients, all members are happy to be part of this team to help out the needy children in Peru.

Regardless of how much they earn from their effort, the Phoebe Bazaar Team is grateful that they are able to serve in sharing the gospel of Jesus. We pray that the miracle of five loaves and two fish will come from these volunteers as they give their hearts to our Lord.

And please remember to order batch of this tasty beef jerky!











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