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We need your helping hand at Hanhee Kim World Mission Center!          


We thank all the volunteers and helpers for dedicating their time and effort to expand the kingdom of God by helping the needy children.

In addition, we pray for more of Gods people to participate in this ministry.

Hanhee Kim World Mission Center needs your helping and serving heart in various areas:


Prayer Warriors - Prayer team ministry

We pray for intercessory prayer teams and network of [Children of Jesus] to be set up all over the United States.

We need prayer warriors who will pray for [Children of Jesus] and all other ministries that are operated by Hanhee Kim World Mission Center.

If you wish to take part in this prayer team for our Mission Center, we will send you information guide, newsletter, and monthly prayer requests via e-mail or by mail. We look forward to serving and witnessing the gates of heaven opening up through our prayer together.



Phoebe Bazar team

 Many of our current volunteer for the Phoebe Bazar team are as old as 70.

Since many of them are retired and without income, their heart's desire is to give theri time and body. They decided to join in preparing food bazar to raise small funds for the [Children of Jesus] ministry. Each year, they would prepare dumplings, kimchee, other small dishes and especially the beef-jerkey (you read an article about his on our webpage) to raise the funds.

So far, Phoebe Bazar team has raise over $50,000 during last 7 years of existence. Their only complaint is "O~ How we wish we could raise more funds... but our old bodies can do so much..."

if any one would like to join in or help them with the sale of their prepared food, please contact COJ


 Coin Box Volunteers

Currently, we need volunteers either to be in charge or take part of our [Children of Jesus] coin box ministry in many parts of the United States. Coin box ministry require volunteers to search for placement of coin box, collect on regular basis, calculate coin sum, and transferring the acquired amount to COJ account.

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Other volunteer work

  • Translating letters from mission field:

     If you have basic Spanish writing and reading skill, you can volunteer at the HHK Mission center by translating letter sent by children in Peru. By sending and receiving letters between sponsor and their sponsoring child, these children will greatly appreciate and be encouraged with new hope. 

  • Managing website:

   If you have experience in working with web page, you can volunteer to manage our website by updating the latest news from our mission field and prayer requests.

  • Office Assistants: 

       From organizing children’s files to mailing newsletters, a lot of works are still waiting for a helping hand at the Hanhee Kim World Mission Center. In order for all work to proceed accordingly and on time, it requires the assistance of many volunteers. If you wish to volunteer at the Denver headquarter office, please fill out the Volunteer form and e-mail or mail back to us. 


 Thank you for participating in our ministry with your sharing heart and effort!

If you have any questions, please contact us at (303)-757-0777 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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