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In July 27, the HHK World Mission Center's short term mission team had visited 'Bethel Church' in Cusco.

This small church has been receiving the support from [COJ] for last 10 years.

There were many familiar faces of children that were waiting for our arrival. Especially, there were some young adult Sunday School teachers

who used to be COJ sponsored children and grew to be so prideful [Children of Jesus].

The pastor of the Bethel Church was a newly posted pastor and his love and passion for our Father touched our heart. But while we were

exchanging the greetings, we saw worries in his face that brought questions to our hearts. As we were walking toward the kitchen where

we were working on dinner for the children, we found out about the reason behind his gloomy expression.

The reason for his sad face was from the construction project for expanding the Sunday School spaces.

As the number of children coming to the church grew, the space for them to come and learn the Word of God became insufficient and most

of all while the adults were in worship service, there was no room for the children to study.

Thus, they were praying for the building more spaces.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it would be impossible to engage in church building project when the church in slum area cannot even

pay the salary for the pastor.

Actually, the pastor was giving back a small amount of salary that he was receiving from the church and further, he was

using his own earnings from side jobs for the construction project since he came to this church.

The pastor was tired and weakened by the opposition from the adult congregation members and continuing with the construction project

with one thought in his mind which was to provide right teachings to the children.

The pastor was working part time during the day and visiting the flock who were having problems during the evenings. At nights, he was

stacking a few bricks that he bought at a time and cried out to the Lord for the provision of the construction money.

God heard his prayers. He led our mission team to that church and inspired our hearts.

"We do not have much on us but we want to give all the cash we have to God for this church's construction project" was the confession of the

short term missionaries. Some of the missionaries not only gave at that place but sent more after they came back to the states. Now, Bethel

Church has 2nd story and has 4 classrooms and office, and a beautiful kitchen.

Faithful God! What a wonderful Father!

It is overwhelming to see how God answers to His faithful servant who cries out to God for the sake of others. We are just overly excited to

think about the changed and matured lives of our [Children of Jesus] through the small seed that we have planted in their lives.

We are envisioning a day that I will passionately praise our God and we give all the glory to our God.




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