Father's House


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"I have surely built You an exalted house,

And a place for You to dwell in forever..." -2 Chronicles 6:2


"Fathers House" was launched in 2003 to help Christians living in slum villages to build or renovate churchbuildings.

By providing land, building materials, and labor force, we help them to continue serving God and each other in a designated

meeting place. [Father's House] has given support to five churches thus far. [Father's House] aims to build or help build 100



What [Father's House] Does....


[Father's House] builds churches for congregations in need


Christian brothers and sisters living in poverty often lack the resources to have places of worship. [Father's House]helps by

donating church buildings.


[Father's House] donates land for church construction


Some congregations need land more than anything. We purchase and donate land property to qualifying congregations.


[Father's House] helps existing churches to renovate old buildings


We help sponsored churches finish building renovation projects, giving preference to churches that need better Sunday

school facilities.



Your support and love can build one more house of the Lord in the most remote areas of Peru!



If you want to help build a church, please click on a button below. Thank you!




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