Union Missionary Church

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Union Missionary Peru Church


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Church Name“Unión Misionera” - Union Missionary Peru Church

Location: Lima, Perú

PastorJuan P. Contreras Z      

founded: September, 2004

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 20,  Children – 70


demography of the area:

The highest percentage of the population lives in settlements of Ventanilla (land invasions), then urbanizations and finally agricultural areas.  

The most population lives by 80% in the central area of the district.

It increased insecurity problems as it grows delinquency, drug abuse, and presence of youth gangs whom come from dysfunctional families.

For that reason the Ventanilla community has led to develop a number of organizations to ensure public safety.

This is a strong reason to bring the gospel of Christ to the heart of these lost young souls that need the love of our Heavenly Father.

The Church is located in a new area and it will need to have title of property and its construction is made of wood (Dovetailing).


My conversion was in March 1982, through christian friends who invited me to the evangelical church, after hear the word of God and I took

the decision to give my  life to Jesus Christ and accepted him as my only Lord and Savior.

Then after be a church member I became leader for the youth members for two years.

I also was a deacon for one year, a Sunday school teacher and I was also in the commission of Evangelism and Discipleship.

Then I felt God's call to train in the Bible Institute. I received my theological study in Lima.

I started to work in the church Missionary Union in Ventanilla where I am working now with my wife.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry):  rEV. Lim,  Chul Soo


To reach with the word of God to the unsaved children, teens, youth and adults of the area.

Identify the reasons of the spiritual growth failure of children and adolescents in the church.

Establish a training program for the teachers of our Sunday school.



  1. For physical and spiritual health of children from Pachacutec.

  2. Help our church members to improve and deepen their relationship with God and with their neighbor.

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