Mount of Transfiguration

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Mount of Transfiguration Church


Church Mount of Transfiguration -1

Church Name:  “Monte de la Transfiguración” - Mount of Transfiguration Church

Location:  Lima, Perú

Pastor:  Luis Alberto Gonzales Quispe      

founded:  1996

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 20,  Children – 30



demography of the area:

This district was created shortly after the declaration of independence by General José de San Martin in 1821.

The old town of Ate is located around 14 km east of the Historic Centre of Lima. From the middle of the 19th century onwards Ate-Vitarte

was the industrial zone of Lima where mainly textile factories where established.

Gangs, prostitution and crime are social problems that affect the development of the district.

The lives of many youth are caught up by destructive vices that are slowly destroying their lives.

But God is merciful and continues to offer eternal life for those rejected by society.

The Mount of Transfiguration Church is a lighthouse hope for them.



I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ by reading the Gospel of St. John, I was sick at that time. The Lord healed me and saved me.

I had this experience the first day of April, 1968.

The first soul that I won for Christ was my wife. We were baptized in the city of Huancayo, in the month of September 1968.

We immediately began to form a Christian group in the province of Huancavelica, where I worked as a nurse in the medical post.

Since then I continue working with my wife at Nocheto - Santa Anita District.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Chung Soo Kim


Numerical growth of the Church.

Send Missionaries.


Give priority to education for adolescents.

Finish the construction of the temple.


  1. That our children and teens grow in their faith every day.

  2. For the health of the pastors, that God provides them physical and spiritual strength.

  3. That our leaders and teachers continue to work with enthusiasm, faith and perseverance.

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