Jesus is for Everyone Church

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Jesus is for Everyone Church



Ficha - 3

Church Name:  “Jesus es para todos” - Jesus is for Everyone Church

Location:  Lima, Perú

Pastor:  Julio Ivan Lopez Cotrina      

founded:  August, 2004

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 40,   Children – 45



demography of the area:

The community is located in the top of a hill close the cemetery Santa Maria in San Juan of Lurigancho.

San Juan de Lurigancho has physical and human resources

rather than natural resources. As natural resources are stone quarries and construction materials. San Juan de Lurigancho is built on the old

farms bringing the land resource is lost irreversibly by occupation and residential habilitation.



First, I thank God for getting me out of a delinquency life and He is using me now to reach many people who do not know God even in the jails.

Wherever He takes me I want to go for His Glory and Honor.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Hye Kyung Gnagy


Reaching more children of the community with the gospel of Christ and that our youth begin to evangelize.

Have a roof for our church in order to implement new classrooms for Sunday school and to have the dining room on the second floor.

That God give us wisdom to continue in His work and to help children and their parents who have many problems.


  1. That God help us to put roof on the church and classrooms for children of Sunday school.

  2. For the problems that Sunday school children and their families go through.

  3. That pastor be guided with wisdom to continue the work of God.

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