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I.E.P Christ Lives Church


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Church Name:  Peruvian Evangelical “Cristo Vive” - Christ Lives Church

Location:   Lima,  Perú

Pastor:  Luis Rodríguez Zelaya   

founded:  1997

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 40 ,  Children – 50


demography of the area:

In 1994, Pastor Rodriguez quit his job as a tractor operator and moved into the region of Medio Mundo to minister to the people there.

At that time, there were no churches in the area. Pastor Rodriguez realized that Medio Mundo was not just suffering from economic poverty,

but from a spiritual poverty, and started to spread the Gospel message to the local residents.

About 3,000 residents live in this coastal village.

Most of them work at plantati ons and earn an average of $3 a day for over 10 hours of hard labor.

Medio Mundo struggles with many social issues such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, moral corruption, single motherhood, alcohol addiction, and  domestic violence. 

These unfavorable conditions cannot help but affect the children in negative ways.




I met the Lord Jesus Christ in the city of Huaraz, capital of Ancash, at the age of 42 years. I walked away from God, without fear, taking liquor

and chewing coca. I wasted my life and my money.

In the town where I worked, I used to go at a restaurant. The person, who attended it, was a Christian and spoke to me about the Lord

Jesus Christ, inviting me to attend church.

I stubbornly refused to go, buthe was so persistent, that I decided to go to church when I was a little drunk.

Pastor preached very clearly and I realized my sinful situation and eternal death.

He preached about having the forgiveness of my sins, through the death of Jesus Christ. I repented and asked for forgiveness, I accepted

Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

 I felt free of my vices and forgiven. Since then I began to grow in the Word of God.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): John & Cathy Park


Continue evangelizing the people of the Medio Mundo until the Lord Jesus returns, or take me into His presence.


  1.Pray that God will provide for the construction of temple.

  2.That God always protects the church leaders and make them grow in their service of excellence for God.

  3.That our teachers engage more with their responsibilities in church.

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