Hefzi-ba in Zapallal Church

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Hefzi-Ba in Zapallal Church 



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Church NameChurch Hefzi-ba - Zapallal

Location: Lima Perú.

Pastor: David H. Baquerizo Cangalaya   

founded: May, 2003

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 70,   Children – 80


demography of the area:

The community of Zapallal is located on the top of a hill which it has sand and rock; this land demand a greater cost in the house’s construction.

It is a place of great need, lacking basic services such as: hospitals, police station, market, institutes, water, and drain.

It is not safe; there are gangs and drug addiction. But on this reality, God is raising a new generation of children and youth people to reach

Zapallal for Christ.

The Church Hefzi Ba-Zapallal, is Pentecostal and began in 2003, without more resources than the promises of provision and blessing of God

and this servant who answered His call.

We started at a family home, then in another one, later in a local-community, until God provided through the COJ Ministry an own land

and a beautiful temple where we praise God. We hope in God to continue growing for His glory.


I met the Lord in a supernatural way, when I was 35 years old, a difficult time of my life when I was addicted to alcohol and in the midst of

an acute economic and moral family crisis.

God restored my life and my family's life. My mother and 7 of my siblings came to Christ and now we are 3 family members working as

pastors for the Lord.

I was called by God to serve Him faithfully, taking the gospel throughout the country as well as working in the local church as co-pastor.

In 2003, God called me to the pastoral ministry in Zapallal, where we are now working for more than 10 years, spreading the kingdom of God.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Nam Sik Kwon


A Church that multiply and spread the gospel to the end of the earth and grows in the knowledge of God in order to experience the

abundant life that Jesus came to give us.


  1.Pray that God will provide for the construction of temple.

  2.That God always protects the church leaders and make them grow in their service of excellence for God.

  3. That our teachers can engage more with their responsibilities in church.

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