Christ Lives Church - Lima

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Christ Lives Church - Lima

2009 July 29 Team1 - Ficha 3

Church Name:  “Cristo Vive” - Christ Lives Church

Location:  Lima, Perú.

Pastor:   Inocencio Aguirre Príncipe   

founded:  June, 2003

Number of members of the congregation:   Adults - 75,   Children – 130


demography of the area:

It is a people which are emerging development, it has no water service and drain yet; although, there is a project for it, and it is possible to

get a foreign investment.

The church as an instrument of God is dedicated to the society as light and salt showing love and mercy to children and their parents persuading

to come back to  God and therefore we’re going to have a blessed society.


A big change I can see in my life is through the prayers and the offering of love from my sponsor, the Rev. Chul Soo Lim.

Each month in His mercy God sends us, like manna from heaven, the basic of our family support.

"Do not worry about what you will eat or you're going to dress" the Lord tells me. My heart has changed. I was selfish and not share easily.

Today I invest everything in the Lord's work, filling the need of the orphaned children or abandoned by the parent.

My family and I give all our efforts every day until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through the "Pastoral Conference" God has been working for a great change in many of my concepts that  were distorted in terms of prayer

cry, treatment of the brethrens, children and adolescents; they have changed.

All thanks to God and you Pastor James, who knows our needs and reality, you are helping me to better serve the Lord Jesus Christ and

the Church.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry):  Rev. Chul Soo Lim


We have the vision of being a solid church filled with the Holy Spirit, that expands the Gospel of Jesus Christ nationally and internationally,

consolidate loyal workers to God and build homes that reflect the transforming power of God in their lives.

We are praying for the construction of the house of God and classroom space for Sunday school.


   1. That God affirms His word in the heart of every believer of the church.

   2. That God help our Sunday school teachers to complete their studies successfully.

   3. That God puts in the heart of each leader, passion for lost souls.

  4. The construction of the church and classroom space for Sunday school.

2009 July 29 Team1 - Ficha 2                           2009 July 29 Team1 0102 - Ficha 1

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