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Word of Life Church


Hna Graciela

Church Name:  "Palabra de Vida" - Word of Life Church

Location:  Callao, Perú.

Pastor:  Graciela Yupanqui Alarcón   

founded:  March, 2000

Number of members of the congregation:  Adults - 15,  Children – 40



Marquez is a small town but very crowded; we were waiting and working so hard for people to gradually improve.

Nowadays, the crime and drug addiction has diminished but still exists. There are many teenage who are mothers and the education is not

good, but the majority of the population has desires move forward. However, they need to be informed, especially information and motivation

to educate their children appropriately.

Our Church “Word of Life” does not have its own property, but we have faith in God and we are working with the children’s parents to have

our own place for the church in the future. Thanks to God we’re working despite the obstacles.

The presence of children on Sunday school encourages us to work so hard for this generation of children who are precious to God.


I was 13 years old when I heard the gospel on the streets and I was invited to go to church. 

I started attend and understood my situation without Christ, so I decided to give my life and accept Him as my Lord and Savior. 

I started to participate in Sunday school, I was part of the worship team and then I started to study in the Church a program for leaders.

When I finished my theological studies at the boarding school in 2006 I was appointed pastor for the Church Marquez in Callao.

In these years that I'm working as a pastor, I could see the hand of God in my life and He has granted the desires of my heart and for that I will always be very grateful. 

God gave me a good husband who support me at all times, a very friendly and helpful people (leaders), and our Sunday school children,

who I love them very much. We had great battles and great victories.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Sin, Myong Ok


Be a church that train children and adolescents in the Word of God.

Be a church that train leaders for the service of God.


1. For the growth of children in Sunday school.

2. Discipleship of adolescents and young.

3. Pray for our brothers an sisters that are going through difficult times.

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