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New Life Church



Church NameNueva Vida - New Life Church

Location:  Junín, Perú

PastorNhilo Montes Ramos           

founded: September, 1974

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 10    Children – 85


demography of the area:

Ñahuimpuquio is the largest potato producer at Huancavelica region, also it’s a turistic resort of the ruins of incamacha.

Ñahuimpuquio means Eye of Water. Its name comes from the springs and the beautiful lake that is the main attraction of this town

dedicated to agriculture, but in recent years is changing by tourism generated because of its natural resources.

The Ñahuinpuquio lagoon of calm waters surrounded by (totoras-handmade boats) and migratory birds.

Studies show that Huancavelica is the poorest department in the country.



Pastor Nhilo Montes was born is the small town of Ñahuinpuquio, Quechan word that means wellspring.

I lived with my father; my mom passed away when I was 2 years old and I don’t remember her.

My father got married for second time; I lived with pain in my heart, full of resentment and hate.

But thanks to God who has compassion I was saved by His grace and freedom from hatred, grudges and resentments.

The Lord let me start His work, be at His service. The Ministry “Children of Jesus-COJ” is a blessing to my ministry.

…Raven of Love is truly a love offering, my prayers has answers, I feel the care, provision, direction in my work for God….”


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Gem for youth Church



We want to be fortified with the Word of God.



1. That our leaders to have a serious commitment to God

2. That our teachers have greater interest and love for the children

3. That our children be filled with the love of God and that their material needs are met with the help of God.

4. We need to build classrooms and have furniture.

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