Living Word Church of Pilcomayo

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Living Word Church - Pilcomayo

Palabra de Vida - 2

Church NamePalabra Viva - Living Word Church of Pilcomayo

Location: Junín, Perú

PastorDeni Frank Estrella Nolazco           

founded: July, 2013

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 30,  Children – 70


demography of the area:

The residents of the community develop commercial and tourist activity, and has agricultural and livestock resources.

Family violence is a common public health problem today. This is manifested in physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

Other allegations of violence are alcohol and drug addiction, where the most affected are women, children and adolescents in a sexist

society that justifies. These are serious problems that distort the development of people and prevent them from reaching their full potent

ial which has always been the will of God.

In the Pilcomayo district, according to the family court, family physical violence is due to the lack of financial resources to meet their basic needs.

Psychological and sexual violence is manifested by jealousy, interpersonal communication deficiency and lack of tolerance in the family. 



Pastor Deni has a wife Isidora and 3 children.

The church is located in the small town of Pilcomayo, 40 minutes away of the capital of Junín, Huancayo. It is surrounded by the

Andean mountains in the central region of Peru.

Pastor Dennis was rescued from alcoholism and drug diction after the day that he had a personal relationship with God; he was chained to

these vices from very young age; he was 15 when he fell into the clutches of drug addiction.

Being arrested by the police and went for trial with false accusation that he could go to prison for 28 years, God saved by His grace and he

was released; since then his family and him serve God.



We want to be a church that impacts our community carrying the message of Christ.

We want to help people get out of alcohol, drugs, prostitution, conflict...etc

Restore the families with the knowledge of God and have fellowship with Him.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): NoT Matched yet



  1. For the parents of children are converted to Christ.

  2. That our Sunday school teachers have love and give more of their time to work with children.

  3. That God provides a property to build our Church.

Muquiyauyo         Palabra de Vida - 1

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