Peruvian Evangelical Church Christ Lives

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I.E.P Christ Lives Church


Pastor Eliazer Cruz

Church NameCristo Vive - Peruvian Evangelical Church Christ Lives 

Location: Junín, Perú

PastorEliazar Cruz Cruz           

founded: May, 1922

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 30    Children – 55


demography of the area:

The Muquiyauyo District is organized into industrial, artisans, workers and community sectors.

Muquiyauyo since it was created achieved the transcendental work of their ancestress.

They create a community where the work was done with a common goal, the benefit of everyone; their highest achievement was

the acquisition of two hydroelectric plants and the construction of the entire complex hydraulic, its installation and operation.

Teens and young adults are an important representative of the population.

There is increase of violence in all its forms (domestic, sexual, gangs and juvenile delinquency).

The town of Muquiyauyo has a high prevalence of chronic malnutrition in school-age children from 6-9 years to 41% and anemia that

exceeds the national and regional averages.

In the town of Muquiyauyo the illiteracy rate among adult women is still high due to the lack of access of education during childhood.



Pastor Eliazar Cruz was born in 1980 into a catholic family. They were very poor but full of love. Eliazar was the oldest of 5 siblings.

In 1988 his father passed away making the financial situation for the family extremely difficult.

This opened the door to receive the good news and Eliazar started his Christian walk, thanks to God and His love.

When he was 11 years old when he asked to be baptized; at age 16 he started to take a class of leadership, and at 19 he started his

theological study to become a pastor.

He got married and God blessed him with 2 boys, Kevin and Daniel.

He has been pastoring this community since 2009 and has been working with children that are in the age range from 3 to 15.



The vision of his church is to reach out the children and their parents for the kingdom of God, strengthening them in prayer, and to teach 

moral values to create a society that obeys the Lord.

We also want to establish new churches in the nearby districts.



1. We want to be a missionary Church.

2. We want to finish the construction of classrooms for Sunday school.

3. To be able to give spiritual and family support for children come to church on time and that they are attentive to their classes.

4. For our children’s family (That their parents become Christian and attend church with them)

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