Mighty Fortress Church

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Mighty Fortress Church


stmt13 1181Church NameCastillo Fuerte - Mighty Fortress Church 

Location: Junín, Perú

PastorReyes Julián Pérez Pérez           

founded: August, 2003

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 20    Children – 130


demography of the area:

Satipo is the largest province and less assisted of the Junín Region. Its territory occupied by ethnic Ashaninka, together with other

ancestral ethnic groups native to the jungle.

During the years 1990-2000 social violence flared in Satipo, being due to the physical and geographical conditions of the area: virgin

forests inaccessible and inhospitable, little or no attention from the Central and Regional Government, the lack of a policy for land use

and extreme poverty of the villages and their inhabitants, leaving a toll of great human losses, material and painful traumas that won’t

be  easy to overcome.

The inhabitants of Satipo come from all parts of Peru; most from the mountains but also from the coast.

Each group has its own customs that present cultural barriers for evangelism. In this area there are many malnourished and abandoned




Pastor Reyes Pérez was born on August 25, 1969.

Having been called by the Lord to serve Him, Pastor Reyes attended Christian Seminary where he graduated in 1991. 

He married Nancy Salazar and has two children, Gerson who is 11 years old and Katheryn who is 9.

Presently, he serves as a full-time pastor at Torre Fuerte church for the ministry in the state of Junín in the city of Satipo in the 

“Los frutales” neighborhood. 

He began his pastorate in 1995 in one of the poorest areas of Satipo, located in the central jungle of Peru where it is very humid and warm

 all year. 


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Jack & Kyung Mi Parran, COJ Baggage


We want holiness in the house of God.

Train and send the new generation leaders to reach children and teens to Christ and help them. 

We are praying for open an orphanage for poor children.



1. We are grateful to God for our ministry of worship.

2. We are grateful to God for our after school program. We see the results in our children, who are the best students in the class.

3. We need financial support to build classrooms.

4. Many of the children of our Church come from dysfunctional families. Please pray for them. 

5. That God help the children in their family problems (For lack of understanding between husband and wife).

6. That God help the disable children of our community.

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