Pentecostal Church of Jesus

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Pentecostal Church of Jesus


PE402 Ps Efrain INGA

Church Name:  Iglesia Pentecostal de Jesucristo- Pentecostal Church of Jesus 

Location: Junín, Perú

PastorDemóstenes Efraín Inga Aquino           

founded: January, 1970

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 30,  Children – 65


demography of the area:

The district of San José de Quero has a serious social problem with illiteracy that it’s becoming a factor of exclusion and marginalization.

Although the main economic activity in the Peruvian Andes is agriculture (the basis of the social division of labor), in the district of San José de

Quero is livestock, the extensive agricultural areas are mostly used for planting pastures.

It should be noted that the harvest is one time a year, due to geographical, climatic and soil conditions, water resource shortage during

the months of May to October, this hinders the economic strengthen of this activity. 

The economic sphere has a low increase in the main economical activity (livestock) and dairy processing, and in second place the agricultural


However, the increase of the economic activity cannot overcome the parameters of the indicators of poverty and human development

right conditions. 

We thank God that in the midst of so many economic constraints, "He has provided a source of blessing to the community which is 

the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ”.



I had to learn to depend on God with my whole family; carry out the ministry God has given us.

For my ministry it was important to study the Bible.

It’s not easy lead the church; this requires a lot of loyalty to God. I thank my wife who has always helped me in difficult times.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Gem For Youth Church



Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person and that they know Him as the Savior of the world.



1. We need classrooms for children and adults of Sunday school.

2. For our church leaders grow in their relationship with God and their families.

3. For our church leaders have authority and confidence when they teach the Word of God.

4. That God help the children in their family problems (For lack of understanding between husband and wife).

5, That God help the disable children of our community.

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