Assembly of God Church Mount Sinai

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Mount Sinaí


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Church NameMonte Sinaí - Assembly of God - Church Mount Sinai 

Location: Cuzco, Perú

PastorJuan Carlos Quispe Baez          

founded: 2006

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 110,   Children –85


demography of the area:

The town of Pampa Anza is located in the district of Sicuani, Cusco, Peru.

The people of rural communities in Sicuani district is significantly lower than in previous years, so many lands are abandoned and

therefore agricultural production has declined significantly.

Today the harvest lasts for a few months, when in previous years was stored in warehouses for two or three years.

The lack of opportunity to have a quality education system in rural areas has forced parents to send their children to study in the city,

despite their low income. This has led to a loss of control of these children and adolescents, whom are tempted by seeing what the city

offers; they fall in the temptation of vice and pretend to lose all contact with their roots.

Alcoholism is present in the city by the indiscriminate sale of alcohol in liquor or ‘chicha con punta’, and in almost every family of

peasant communities suffers the lack of children.

Our Pastors of the Andean region face a grim reality; the lack of resources and opportunities for many of the younger members of their

churches has become one of the main reasons for leaving the program COJ and the stagnation of leadership.



Thank God, I'm doing the work of Jesus Christ; I am carrying His news to the people of God and praying on my knees.

I am the Pastor of Pampa Anza from 6 years ago and during that time, the Lord Jesus Christ has enabled me through dreams and visions lead

 the congregation into the truth of the way of salvation.

I struggled with trials in my life that I could not stand, as the prophet Jeremiah I also wanted died, but one night The Lord told me that I could 

find healing through Jesus, and after that I was heal. Now I am doing His will.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Kwang Oh Kwon



Win all the souls of Pampa Anza for Christ and then all corners of Peru.



1. We need classrooms for our children in church.

2. Please pray for our Sunday school teachers.

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