Assembly of God The Voice in the Wilderness

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The Voice in the Wilderness



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Church NameLa voz del desierto - Assembly of God - The Voice in the Wilderness 

Location: Cuzco, Perú

PastorCamilo Tintaya C.           

founded: September, 2000

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 40,   Children –35


demography of the area:

The Oroscocha community; a place located south of Cusco in Peru.

The church building is 36ft x 18ft and offers Sunday school service very early.

These children are helping their parents taking the sheep to graze in the field after the service.

Fourth grade of elementary school children under the Sunday school children studies in the Church building, the fifth grade and higher

children studies outdoors for the lack of space.

80% of the children have received Jesus as their own personal savior.



I give my life to the Lord at the age of 14 in 1986 and I was baptized the following year.

I was appointed pastor in 1999, and now I live a life fully devoted to the Lord.

I am ready to serve Him with all my heart and soul where the Lord sent me.

I praise God for everything He is doing for our community.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Lim, Chul Soo



That the church of Orosccocha serves the Lord and God's people. That we train future leaders, teachers and evangelists for the Lord's work.


1. Please pray for our congregation, deacons and also for the new save souls.

2. For our teachers of Sunday Bible School.

3. For our regular children attended and also for the new ones.

4. For the new souls that are coming to the church.

5. For a new temple made of concrete. We know that for God everything is possible.

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