Assembly of God Portals of Solomon

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Portals of Solomon



Church NamePorticos de Salomón - Assembly of God - Portals of Solomon 

Location: Cuzco, Perú

PastorIsidora Huarca Roque          

founded: February 1999

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 30,   Children – 125


demography of the area:

The district of Sicuani is located southeast of the city of Cusco, about two hours and a half away with bus transportation.

It is well connected to the rest of the country thanks to a railway line and the road that connects the cities of Cusco, to the north, and Puno, south.

In each of the areas that make up the community of Sicuani (urban area and high and low region rural Andean) alcohol is present under

the name of 'Chicha with Punta', becoming a serious problem for the community, that see every day how adults and young people seek

every opportunity to consume this drink addictive and often family separation occurs and in the worst cases leading to death.

Alcohol addiction that is promoted in Andean communities is a cause of many social problems. 

Alcohol affects the human spirit which makes him to have immoral and irresponsible attitudes that are sins before God, because his mind is

vulnerable to all kinds of spiritual and fleshly weaknesses that would not do it, in sober state.



Pastora Isidora was born in January 15, 1965 and she has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

This church of God’s Assembly is located in the state of Cusco, in the city of Sicuani in a much needed neighborhood.

Pastora Isidora Huarca assumes the pastorate after Pastor Teofilo Ccama abandons the service and this church. 

She is a very courageous woman that took this responsibility without doubt.

Despite that she didn’t know how to learn and write the service to the children never stop. 

She starts her service by faith and with very much love and the first situation that faced is that the church couldn’t afford to pay the rent.

 She decided to start the construction of the church in a land that belongs to her family.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Gem for youth Church 


Our vision is to buy a land to the house of God.

Visiting the homes of the brethren who need support.



1. For the Church grow in knowledge of the Word of God.

2. For leaders and Sunday school teachers work with love and responsibility.

3. For parents of children to also accept the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

Salomon           stmt13 2490

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