Assembly of God Miracles of Tinta

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Miracles of Tinta


PE 318 Ps Marcelina Huaman

Church Name: “Milagros de Tinta” - Assembly of God - Miracles of Tinta 

Location: Cuzco, Perú

PastorMarcelina Huaman          

founded: March,  2001

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 35,   Children – 135


demography of the area:

The town of Tinta is where the independence of Peru from Spain started in the 18th century by the national hero Tupac Amaru, an Inca

descendant. The characteristic of the people is that most of them are farmers living in the border of the Vilcanota River.

His people are very patriotic, proud of his ancestor Tupac Amaru, but it is still up to day a region where the people and the children

are suffering from a lack of health, education opportunities and employment.

Only 1% of our town in Tinta is Christian but we will continue working until the end of our days preaching to the Quechan speakers of

this country and now I have the vision to open a church for them in the city Cuzco, because here the drivers, market sellers, art crafters

and stores employees are Quechan speakers; They immigrated from our communities and they need to be reach and saved for our God.



By the mercy of God I met the Lord in 1985 while I was working in a company as a seller; I was the best seller; at the same time I was a

member of the Communist Party of Peru “Shining Path”. 

Receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior was something that completely changed my life because I was already enrolled in the Shining Path guerrilla.

One day I visited the Tinta town and since then I started to preach the Word and in 2001 I am in charge of this church.

When I started my work, the people didn’t want to listen but with patience and perseverance they start to understand and now we are

a missionary and planter church; our children believed that they are soul winners.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Susan K. Kicker 


The vision of the church is to reach each person of the Tinta distric; send missionaries to other regions; young people to study theology and do




  1. We ask that God provides education for the teachers so they can accomplish a better job with the children’s.

  2. Our desire is to have vocational programs to learn some technical works here because many of them have to live the town for that. 

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