Peruvian Evangelical Church Quillahuata

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Church NameI.E.P Quillahuata - Peruvian Evangelical Church Quillahuata 

Location: Cuzco Perú

PastorMartin Sutta Huallpa          


Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 60,  Children – 75


demography of the area:

This Church is located in the community of Quillahuata in Cusco. It is a farmer community and the pastor Martin Sutta Huallpa was born here.



I started to change after I received Christ in my heart in December 23, 1990.

I wanted to share the good news of the gospel with others but I couldn’t read well, this was very frustrating for me, so I trusted in my

Lord Jesus Christ.

One day I have a dream in which Jesus revealed to me that I was a pastor of a church and my dream come true.

I want continue preaching the gospel of Christ and supporting other churches as well.

Pastor Sutta was taught how to preach the Word of God by missionaries. His pastoral experience includes supporting churches of Yunkapata

 in Cusco.


Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Kim,  Soon Hee 


To win souls for Christ.

His project includes having a new building temple.

Be constant Christians in our walking with God.



   1. Pray for the spiritual life of the pastor and his family so that they have wisdom to minister the children of the community with the

      Word of     God.

  2. Let’s pray for God provides the needs of the pastor and his family.

  3. Pray for the children who stop to attend the church.

  4. For the Holy Spirit raise up new leaders who support the pastor’s work and for the youth leaders that are working now.

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