Bethel Church

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Bethel Church




Church NameBethel Church

Location: Cuzco Perú

PastorTito José Clemente        

founded: December, 1971

Number of members of the congregation: Adults - 20, Children – 90


demography of the area:

The Peruvian district of Wanchaq is located in the Department of Cuzco, Peru.

In this area of the city of Cuzco is growing delinquency for lack of sufficient numbers of police officer.

Many of our Andean communities are living under oppression of an ancient pagan system that are transferred from generation to generation,

and that have enslaved them to purely superstitions and rituals, poverty is a sign of this spiritual activity.

Our Andean pastors face a strong battle, because they are fighting against an established system.



I was born in a Christian home and since my childhood I was taught the Word of God.

When I was 9 years, I became a Christian; I attended Sunday school since my childhood. I was baptized at age 14.

I began to preach the word of God since I was 18 years in a Cusco Peruvian Evangelical Church.

I am working for the Church Bethel from many years ago. I also visited various departments and provinces, teaching the Word of God,

in different events.

I love to work with children and I feel rewarded when I see them reach their spiritual growing in the knowledge of God.

Sponsor (Raven Love Ministry): Gem for youth Church



We want to be a strong church in the knowledge of God’s word. It’s our desire to have a strong ministry in outreach and discipleship.



   1. For the leadership of Pastor.

   2. For unity in the families of the children that come to church.

   3. For the Pastor’s health.

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