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22 February 2012








“Honor God and Strengthen our Neighbor” is the business motto for Charley’s Subs who has 400 franchised locations around the United States. Just as it says in their motto, this business is used as a tool to give glory to God and to serve its neighbor.  

Hanhee Kim World Mission Center met Charley’s Subs in 2007.  

Although many will think of it as an absolute coincidence, we believe God’s guidance under His perfect plan had made it possible for Charley’s Subs to partner with Hanhee Kim World Mission Center [Children of Jesus] ministry. 

To act upon God’s call and plan, $3,500 dollars in contribution is given every month to support the needy Peruvian children, which helps to steadily bring the nation to the Lord.  

Deacon Charley Shin, the CEO of Charley’s Subs has been participating personally in our short term mission trips every year since 2007 to meet with the needy children in Peru. He took a big part in [Abba Peru], a conference that was held in 2010 for the Peruvian Youth, and has been dedicated to putting God’s fire among these youth. Moreover, he supports his employees who have interest in mission work to go on mission trips, paid by the company, so that they may also witness God’s work in the expansion of God’s kingdom. 

Currently, about 40 [Children of Jesus] coin-boxes are located in Charley’s Subs franchises, and we are praying that we can expand to the rest of the franchise.

Not different from any other immigrant family, Charley Shin started his business in a small sandwich store. But as a result of his obedience, our Lord has blessed him abundantly and today deacon Shin stands as a CEO of 400 franchise locations in 15 different countries.  

He quotes, “I couldn’t have done it on my own. It is entirely our Lord. I only obeyed and got on my knees to pray for evangelism and sharing His gospel. Anybody can do the same. Just ask and pray and let Him guide you because our Father God wants to give you the best. 

We pray that God’s infinite blessing continually pour on Charley’s Subs as deacon Shin humbly answers to God’s call to spread the gospel of Jesus in Peru.      




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The Employees with Charley’s who has been serving a STMT as missionaries last 5 years.



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