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Colorado Mills is a large shopping center located west of Denver at the starting point of I-70 where the ridges of the Rocky Mountain begins.

In the mall, there is a store named ‘COJ (Children of Jesus) Baggage’ owned by Young-Hoon Choi who specializes in selling all sorts of bags since 2005.

Young-Hoon, a member of Denver Baptist Church of Denver, has an extraordinary reason in naming his store ‘COJ Baggage’, which he had to get a special permission (?) from Hanhee Kim World Mission Center and the director.

Prior to his store, Young-Hoon owned a gift store at South West Mall located in Denver. In 2000, he had to close his store and while he was left with not knowing what to do with his remaining supplies, he came across the news that Hanhee Kim World Mission Center was collecting gifts for Peruvian children for Christmas.

“My heart was laden looking at remaining supplies in my garage after I closed my store. Just then it hit me ‘why not send these to the Peruvian children?’ and right away I went to ask Pastor James who was ecstatic with the idea. My heart was rather in peace after I donated all goods equivalent to some $30,000~40,000 to Hanhee Kim World Mission Center

Since then, Young-Hoon began to sponsor through [Children of Jesus] and when he opened his new store in 2005, he even named it COJ Baggage and started additional sponsoring through his business.

“I didn’t choose to name my store that way because I had great faith nor had a special relationship with Hanhee Kim World Mission Center. I thought about it for many days and came to think of COJ. And Pastor James happily permitted to my idea.

Thanks to his store name, Young-Hoon testifies that he has received more of God’s grace.

“Many of my customers ask, ‘what is COJ?’. Then I begin to explain to them about COJ, and about Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s ministry of helping out the poor in Peru. As I explain to these customers, I realize that I should also live my life accordingly and responsibly setting a good example of being a Christian to everyone I meet.

Young-Hoon’s heart for COJ does not end here.

At his own expense, he made COJ logo stickers to put on his car and to share with anyone who are also interested in doing the same.   He even sells bags in scripted with COJ logo at his store, thus making him one of Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s top public relations (?) personnel.

COJ Baggage does not have specified children to sponsor or have limit on the amount of contribution. Every month, Young-Hoon joyfully gives as his heart require and from what he can afford.

We thank God as He started COJ Baggage under His plan and continually watches over what He has set up. And Through COJ Baggage, we pray that [Children of Jesus] ministry will be made known to many more for the greater spiritual harvest in the future.



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