Vine Church - 03/13

16 March 2013
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Vine Church Lakewood, WA


"Inheritance of a departed pastor..."

Vine Church 1I was crying my eyes off as I listened to Mrs. Chae from "Vine Church" in Lakewood, Washington. Her story for supporting "The Children of Jesus" left me a deep impression in my heart. And I was reminded of the true love of the Father God. 

Vine church begin supporting 3 children in Peru through Han Hee Kim Mission Center from April this year. It was right after Mrs. Chae's husband, Pastor Moses Chae, joined the Lord in heaven at the age of 42. Pastor Mose had a severe cancer that spread to his muscles and bones for the past 5 years. Yet he trusted the Doctor of doctors, the Lord God, to heal him until the end. He had three pastoral principles while he was on this earth - missionary support, teenager ministry, and mercy ministry for poor children. 

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He was admitted at a hospital in Seatle one month before the Lord called him. His pain was so severe that he had pain medicines injected in his body every 8 hours. The pain killer dosage was so great; it was enough to treat 300 patients. Despite his worsening condition, Pastor Moses believed that God had power to heal him. Even doctors were shocked that Pastor Moses was able to handle so much pain medicines in his body. Doctors hoped for a miracle. They knew that 10 out of 10 patients will be in coma with such amount of dosage. Nevertheless, Pastor Moses went to be with the Lord 25 days after checking into the hospital. He left 4 sons from 8 to 14 with his wife. 

Before he left, his last words to his wife were, "Darling, can you gather 30 poor children? I want to treat them a meal..."

Mrs. Chae said, " My husband is not here but I have a real hope that we'll meet again in heaven. Our eldest son Joshua had a birth defect in his intestine and suffered until the age of 4. He had several operations. But they didn't work and more surgery was becoming dangerous. Thus we prayed and solely relied on the Lord. And God healed him. We believe that the Mighty God is our Father. And His grace and peace remain on us even though my husband is not here." These words ring in my heart. 

Pastor Moses always emphasized helping the poor children when he was with us. We wanted to continue this mercy ministry by sponsoring 3 children in Peru. We are a very small church with only about 20 people. It is a new church started by Pastor Moses in 2003. Now Mrs. Chae will assume the pastor's role according to the congregation members wish. She is currently in seminary and has been active in church ministry.  

"I remember that my husband was in a great pain in his last days. But he was still mindful of feeding the poor children. We want to honor his last wish and our church is now helping 3 children. We wish we can help many more. We have the children's photos on the church wall and we all pray for the children. We pray that the Good News will impact their lives and they will store treasures in heaven. I hope to tell many stories to pastor Moses in heaven."

Vine church is a small church and it lacks resources. It lost their loving pastor and Mrs. Chae lost her husband. Nevertheless, the Father's heart compels them to embrace the mercy ministry for poor children.

We pray that Father's comfort and blessing will be upon Vine church and Mrs. Chae.  

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