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19 February 2012
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Antioch Mission (Potland, OR) 


It’s been 3 years since Hanhee Kim World Mission Center has been receiving monthly donation from Portland, Oregon.

‘Oregon Antioch Mission’s pastor, Chul-Soo Lim, donates to [Love of Raven] to sponsor 5 pastors who serve in the poor regions of Peru.

Though Pastor Lim, his wife, and their 3 grown children formed a small group named ‘Antioch Mission, a family burning with love and desire for mission.

After 25 years of ministering Young-Deung-Po Baptist Church in Seoul, Pastor Lim retired and moved to Portland to live with his children 5 years ago.

Pastor Lim first met Mrs. Hanhee Kim half a century ago.

In the late 60’s when Pastor Lim was in highschool, he attended some lectures given by Mrs. Kim at his church. During that time, Mrs. Hanhee Kim was working as an instructor at Korean Baptist Association and was invited to many churches to share God’s messages.

After many years, Pastor Lim had moved to Portland and attended Nationwide Baptist Seminar for Pastors in 2009. The seminar was held in Denver Baptist church of Denver that year, and to his surprise, it was Mrs. Kim’s home church.

Drawn back to his youth, Pastor Lim remembers the gracious, yet influential first impression he had of Mrs. Kim when she shared God’s word.   And witnessing the mission work that continues after her death through a mission center that was built to commemorate her life, Pastor Lim signed up to become a sponsor instantly with an amazement.

Pastor Lim’s two sons and one daughter reside in Portland and Seattle. His children own five stores of the Japanese restaurant ‘Sushi Hana’. Every month they collect their profits made by the restaurant and send in their mission offering under the name of ‘Antioch Mission’ to 8 different countries- including Peru through Hanhee Kim World Mission center.

“After I had retired and decided to move with my children in America, I really did not know what God had planned for me. But now, I thank God as all of us have such passion and compassion that we stand as a family of mission. Although our offering is not big in amount, I am simply thankful that my children stand in accordance to my thoughts when it comes to mission.

Formed by Pastor Lim, his wife and children, ‘Antioch Mission’ may be small in scale, but they are fervently sowing the seed of God’s love all over the world with joy.

There are yet so many lost souls who do not know the gospel in this world.

Until all has heard of Jesus’ cross, his death and resurrection, and the salvation through the blood of Jesus, ‘Antioch Mission’ and Hanhee Kim World Mission Center will gladly continue in our work for the Lord.





Philadelphia Korean Baptist Church (Havertown, PA)



Philadelphia Korean Baptist Church’s Pastor, Byung-Gyun An and Mrs. Hanhee Kim’s relationship go back a long time ago.

Pastor An first met Mrs. Hanhee Kim in the late 60’s at Joong-An Baptist Church in Suwon.

As a mission director of the church, Pastor An recalls Mrs. Kim as a deacon quiet in nature, yet full of God’s grace with gifts in prayer.

After immigrating to America in 1981, Pastor An founded his church in Philadelphia and ministered for over 30 years.

Few years prior to his move, Mrs. Hanhee Kim and her husband, Pastor Seong-Suh Lee also moved to Denver where they established their Korean Baptist Church of Denver.   These two family’s tie has been more than a mere coincidence, but rather a great plan of God.

When Pastor James Lee, the director of Hanhee Kim World Mission Center was invited to Philadelphia Korean Baptist Church’s retreat in 2005, he had the chance to speak to the congregation about the COJ ministry in Peru. As soon as they did, many of the members wanted to join the ministry almost immediately, bringing 14 families sponsoring 30 needy Peruvian children.

“I know Mrs. Kim would have affected so many souls and bring them to Christ if she were to be with us today, however, it is truly amazing that her dedication has left us Hanhee Kim World Mission Center who is marking its history of gospel in Peru"

Philadelphia Korean Baptist Church also participates in mission by sending regular donation to North Korea, Philippians, Cambodia, and Peru. They especially have deep affection toward the [Children of Jesus] that they sponsor person-to-person and receive personal letters.

A spark of Holy Sprit’s fire that has been started by a brother and sister of Christ 50 years ago now burns in the hearts of the poor children in Peru.

We pray that God’s infinite blessing is always upon the Philadelphia Korean Baptist Church and the sponsors who joyfully joined their hands with COJ ministry.





Joyful Church (Colorado Springs, CO)


Joyful church and HanHeeKim WorldMissionCenter have known each other for about 9 years.

The relationship begun with one sponsor but it grew to 12 sponsors. From this year, the Joyful church’s mission ministry has gone through some changes and they have decided to manage each mission field by networking through each ‘cell group’.

The Senior Pastor, Hyungjin Jeon, says, “Joyful church currently has 11 ‘cell group’ that are serving the mission ministry. Every members of our church can join any cell group voluntarily according to the inspiration they receive and so once they have joined a certain cell group, they are very committed and thus serve faithfully.” 

The cell church that was assigned to Peru missions is being led by a shepherd, Deacon Mee he Lee, and 7 members to take care of 13 Peruvian children. As what the Senior Pastor Jeon has mentioned, each member has been inspired and have willingness to serve the children in Peru, so their passion is very strong.

The sponsors that are in ‘Peru cell group’ have done an extraordinary event for this Christmas. They sent the hand-made Christmas cards for the sponsored children. When the HHK office staffs opened the cards to translate, they all became emotional as they read the message of love that was written by each sponsor’s own hand.

How joyful it would be to our Lord as He sees all the needy children making a biggest smile in their face caused by the ‘Peru cell group’.





GEM for Youth (Austin, TX)




The GEM for Youth church in Texas has a unique flavor even from the name of the church.

The detailed explanation about the church was given by the Senior Pastor, Byungchul Woo. This church was founded 11 years ago for the purpose of training and equipping, spiritually, the young exchange students that are coming to Austin, Texas area. Therefore, they named the church, ‘Global Education for Youth’. 

Senior Pastor ByungChul Woo said, “we were introduced to the HanHeeKim World Mission Center through the pamphlets and website that showed ‘Abba Peru 2010’ articles and videos. So we have decided to become a partnering church of HHKWMC. Since our church has been giving our best to evangelize and spiritually equipping the young students from abroad, I was very impressed to see that HHKWMC was giving all force to serve the Peruvian children and youth.” Then he added, “Currently, our church’s majority members are youth and we have around 60 members only, we could only give a small amount for the mission offering but we are praying that God will strengthen us and empower us so that we will be able to sponsor much more”

Even though the Pastor Woo has mentioned that they can only give a small amount because of the circumstance having mostly students in the church, however, the ‘GEM For Youth’ church’s giving amount is astonishing to the staffs at HHKWMC.

‘GEM for Youth’ church is the church that looks after the unfortunate neighbors before looking after them. Because of such wonderful hearted church, so many needy children’s earthen vessels will have a beautifully shining treasure, gem, in them. How loudly our Lord will sing as He sees this beautiful scenery…







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