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Sponsor Se-Myung and Hannah Lee has been operating their Dae-Han Travel Agency business for a long time here in Denver.

Ever since the very first start of the mission works in the South America in the mid 90’s, Hanhee Kim World Mission purchased airline tickets through their agency. Since then, Mr. and Mrs. Lee has been a loyal sponsor of [Children of Jesus] for the past 10 years.  During the 10 years, children under their sponsorship changed few times, but their love for the children remains the same. If you ask them what is the hardest thing as a sponsor they will answer, ‘writing letters to the children’.

“Writing letters accordingly to their profile card and their letter is a very challenging thing for us. We would like to encourage and comfort them through our letter to them, especially when they share their family problems and conflicts with us. However, we do not want to cause any discord between these children and their parents at the same time when they receive our letter. That’s why it is such a hard thing to do and it takes us so long time to finish one letter.”

Despite their challenge however, our volunteer translators at the mission center are always touched by Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s letters to the children. Their constant message of love and sincerity for each child is embedded in the letters and touches the heart of all its reader.

Every Morning, the Lee couple start their day with a prayer for each of their sponsoring child hoping for a small seed of faith will harvest into the miracle of five loaves and two fish. Clearly, our Lord must be pleased by their precious and compassionate heart for the lost children.


Sponsor Min-Hee Cho worked here at the Hanhee Kim World Mission Center before she got married.

As a daughter of a pastor, she is now a wife of Ki-Young Kim who studies at the South Western Seminary hoping to become a pastor in the near future.   She participated in the short-term mission trip to Peru in 2005 and 2007. She remembers holding all the children with tears of hurt and joy as if it was yesterday.

Min-Hee’s prayers for these children are still the same today. She has been sponsoring little boys since 2004, and she prays that these boys will grow up righteously into a husband and father who will set his home on the rock of faith.

As a young daughter of a missionary father in Saudi Arabia, she says her time spent there was the most precious time of her life.

“Even as a little girl, I saw and experienced the difficulties as a missionary family in Saudi Arabia.. But during each of those difficult times, I felt God’s presence and protection over our family. That’s how I came to believe the living God before the age of 10.”

Through our living Father who works through prayers like the one of Min-Hee who has such a precious heart for the poor children, there is a bright future for Peru.


Yeonhee Kim is one of our most committed sponsor who was the former member of Korean Baptist Church of Denver for many years.

Although she moved to Chicago to live with her children, she continually sponsors our needy Peruvian children through Hanhee Kim World Mission Center.

She has been our sponsor since 1993, and currently 12 Peru Children are being sponsored through Yeonhee and her family. She is also sponsoring needy children under her young grandchildren’s names, exemplifying the importance of sharing God’s love. In addition to sponsoring, Yeonhee also volunteers with Hanhee Kim World Mission Center’s coin-box ministry in the Chicago area. Despite her old age, she commits her time to the Lord every so often driving in rain or shine.

“I am capable of doing this only because God allows and watches over me. I pray that He will give me bigger strength and blessing so that I can give more to these children.”

Through the sponsors like Yeonhee and her prayer, may the poor spirits rejoice in God’s hope and message today.

Pastor Ok-Hee Jo from Gardena, California first encountered Hanhee Kim World Mission Center in 2005.

Pastor Jo ministers at Gardena Choong Shin church along with her husband and gives lectures at a seminary.

For the past 10 years, her interest was always with the poor and suffering children. Just then she came across a press on Hanhee Kim

World Mission Center’s [Children of Jesus] ministry and right away she knew she had to become a sponsor.

“It makes me sad to think we can’t sponsor more children. But I know that God will bless us so we can help these children, and the miracle of

five loaves and two fish will happen through our church one day.”

Besides sponsoring children in Peru, Pastor Jo is an active sponsor for children in China and Egypt and she is constantly praying to expand the area of her ministry. We pray that Pastor Jo’s sponsoring children will be full of hope and joy thanks to her prayer.


When Hanhee Kim World Mission Center was first founded in 1993, a sponsor from Korean Baptist Church, Sung-Gook Kim joined our ministry to sponsor a child in Peru.

Although he had moved to Massachusetts in 2002, he is one of our dear sponsors who continually make contribution for nearly 20 years.

“It is heartbreaking when I think of the unfortunate children in Peru.

I feel so bad because although I always have the heart to write them more often and participate in the short mission trips, it is a challenge to put it into action.” says Sung-Gook.

Through Sung-Gook’s compassionate heart, his sponsoring child is continually receiving the love of God every month.


In 1985, a couple by the name of Kevin and Jessie Shin have been serving in Korean Baptist Church of Denver as member for 4 years.

After Kevin had been appointed as a pastor in Seattle, the couple had moved and revisited Denver in 2000. During their visit, the couple had learned of [Children of Jesus] ministry and chose to sponsor 4 children in Peru. Beginning of this year, they decided to sponsor 2 more children addition to their 4 children.

“It is our hope and desire to respond to God’s constant calling for our family. We remember the time when Mrs. Hanhee Kim had treated us and loved us like her own children when we were international students. Her compassionate and gracious smile always comes across my mind. I believe she is very pleased looking down from heaven to see how Hanhee Kim World Mission Center is fulfilling the work that God has entrusted to them.”

Pastor Kevin and Jessie pray that God’s gospel and His love will reach to many more Peruvian children. Hanhee Kim World Mission Center is grateful for their support and partnership in our ministry.





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